The event report for “HALAL Miso Chanko Nabe Party”!

On January 21st 2017, we hold the 8th Muslim friendly cooking event in Tokyo.

The time’s theme is “Miso Chanko Nabe”.

Chanko nabe is a hot pot dish eaten mainly by professional sumo wrestlers and professional wrestlers in Japan.

At the same time, we hold the seminar about Miso!

Mr. Ogawa, the vice manager reseacher of Central Miso Research Institute, told us that how to make Miso, the types of Miso, the feature of each Miso and more.

In addition, we actually ate and compared with 4 kinds of Miso, a red miso in Sendai, a white miso in Shinsyu, Hatcho-miso in Aichi, and barley miso in Kyushu.

We confirmed by the taste that Miso in north side is salty and Miso in south side is sweet.


After the seminar, we tried to cook Halal miso chanko nabe together!

Prepared many variety of vegetables. Cut carrot into flower shape!

Original blend of 3 types of miso to make Miso soup.

Arrange the vegetables in the pot and put plenty of miso soup from the top!

Once the ingredients are cooked, the original Miso chanko nabe is complete!

We enjoyed the delicious hot dishes together, and talked about food culture each other.


We keep to hold Japanese cuisine cooking event , and to share with participants as for what we can enjoy eating the same meal all together, regardless of religious, borders, sex and the age, if we have right knowledge and some arrangements.

Thank you very much for joining this event!

(Writer:Mai Hieda)

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